For Advertisers

Brand managers often lament, "I waste 50% of my ad budget, but I'm not sure which half."

SnapCall liberates brand managers from driving blind with small focus groups and coarse ratings data. SnapCall delivers unprecedented capacity to measure TV ad effectiveness in an unobtrusive new "2nd screen" experience. As audience-wide poll responses stream into our data center, real-time analytics illuminate the true impact of broadcast ads.

In addition, SnapCall mobile ads are placed "in-line" with the live event flow and act as natural extensions to the TV viewing experience. SnapCall ads are a refreshing new alternative to mobile banner ads that annoy consumers by hijacking limited screen space with unrelated products.

  1. Engage a dynamic sports oriented audience with highly targeted ads.
  2. Know with 100% certainty that viewers consumed the impression.
  3. Extend brand reach to the 2nd screen in a natural, unobtrusive format.
  4. Poll TV viewers on broadcast ads or products.
  5. Analyze viewer comprehension in real-time.
  6. Benchmark ad impact against other ads and agencies.