SnapCall Writers

SnapCall's mobile game platform enables sports writers to test the intuition of the entire viewing audience in real-time just before the action unfolds on TVs worldwide. Anyone with an iPhone (soon Android) can compete. Not only is SnapCall a competitive game, it's also an edgy companion to traditional network analysis. Our writers are seasoned professionals, and they're pretty darn funny as well.

"It's great - the perfect complement for anyone watching on TV. The game is challenging, the questions intriguing and I may make you laugh a few times, too," says Jeff Passan, prominent Yahoo! Sports writer and guest writer for SnapCall.


Kevin Kaduk

Kevin has led the Big League Stew baseball blog at Yahoo! Sports since 2008 and worked for The Northwest Herald and The Kansas City Star before that. A native of the Chicago suburbs, Kevin enjoys Bears football, Blackhawks hockey and the sports teams at the University of Wisconsin.


Jeff Passan

Jeff Passan has covered sports for more than a decade and currently is a baseball columnist at Yahoo! Sports, which he joined in 2006 after stints covering college basketball at The Fresno Bee and baseball at The Kansas City Star. He is a co-author of the acclaimed "Death to the BCS." He lives with his wife and two sons in Prairie Village, Kansas.


Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson has worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for more than half of his life. He currently covers the Texas Rangers, but has covered college sports, auto racing and a little bit of just about everything else.